Sarah McBride is the founder of Kapucia, she has been on a plant based diet for over 20 years for purely compassionate reasons, which lead her to study the physical effects on the body. 

Paula Staunton

Paul Staunton known as Ishtar is an experienced artiste and teacher working for diverse communities, who is is also a researcher and writer of dance ethnography and spiritual dance.

Liz Vincent

For more than 10 years Liz Vincent has successfully treated patients at her hypnotherapy clinic in London.

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Pete Davies

Peter Davies brings to Kapucia the incredible lomi lomi massage . 

This amazingly relaxing yet invigorating massage is a traditional Hawaiian healing massage. The style Peter offers is based on the temple style of lomi lomi but with other details added to make it Peter's own recipe for relaxation . 

Peter comes to Kapucia with over 7 yrs massage experience in Swedish , Holistic ,Indian head and clothed seated treatments. 


Graeme Waterfield

Graeme is a full time, fully qualified Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung and meditation teacher and a fully qualified counsellor. He has been teaching these arts for around 15 years and practicing for longer.

Rachael Sakwa

Rachael is a fully licensed Acupuncturist who is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine to degree level

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