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Mantra Meditation Circle for Women .

This is a powerful Mantra Meditation Transmission Circle in which we gather together and Meditate working with Mantra's and using a specific method. This enables the possibility for those attending to have the deepest most profound experiences.

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Mantra Meditation Circle for Women .

Time & Location

Mar 28, 2019, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Kapucia, 27 Lord St, Liverpool L2 9SQ, UK

About The Event

Mantra’s as a method of meditation do not need us to be able to concentrate, by singing Mantra’s we are using ancient codes which hold a certain vibration, this vibration moves through our body and thoughts and is capable of transforming sadness into joy therefore healing. Through working in this way we are purifying our consciousness, thoughts, feelings and bodies enabling and making space for us to Awaken.

..Joy and Bliss… This experience, which I do not create, nor direct, nothing is addressed directly, nothing is confronted, challenged, pulled or tugged on...we gather, we bring all that is going on in our lives, all the unresolved, all that we are struggling with, we are held and hold each other in acceptance and in as much Love as is possible, we are present to each other, we sing Mantras... meditate and we allow, we allow and accept everything that arises from tears to bliss.



In this method we create a small and intimate circle of women who sing the mantras. Then we place women in the centre who just sit quietly and receive the mantras. In the centre the effect of the mantras is most concentrated and the depth of meditation that can be reached is utterly amazing. We create a very powerful Presence of Meditation that otherwise would be difficult to create. The Mantra Transmission Circle is the most powerful meditation method that I know. It links up the consciousness of everyone in the circle through Mantra to help the women in the middle to go beyond the limits of their own consciousness. In this process, the persons in middle can experience a tremendous expansion, deepening and purification of consciousness that is vastly beyond the state consciousness of any single person present. No other method does this. This method represents the very essence of friends helping each other to find liberation."

We will be seated on chairs for 1.5hours, please wear something comfortable that would enable you to relax into meditation. Also bring meditation cushions, blankets or anything else to support you feel comfortable!

Please also bring some water (something to drink), we can often find our throats beginning to clear!!

This is an Introductory Circle of 1.5hours to introduce you to the Mantra Transmission and Meditation Circles. Full Circles are 3hours and are run twice per month which enables us to delve deeply into the depths and breadths of this work by working with this method consistently.


To actually awaken, to transform, to become more conscious, to bring more beauty, more love, more joy to the world through our words, through our actions, through supporting each other and by consistently working with these higher states of consciousness so that we can ‘do the work’ that we need to do to fulfil our highest potential…in this lifetime… … is very close to my heart, having gone through many years of awakenings in various intensities which led me to this beautiful work and my amazing teacher, a Yogi from the age of 19, who spent 5yrs full time with an enlightened being (Osho) at 21yrs and has since worked with Mantras, Meditation and Awakening… for over 47yrs.

My old life…that has little resemblance to the work I bring to you…I realise provides some context to enable you to get a feel for the fact that I don’t work from a place of having not lived in ‘the world’ as we know it! I don’t bring to you anything that I haven’t lived and worked with myself through decades of struggle.

I came to this work having worked in Middle Management in the Corporate Sector responsible for leading others, as a Hypno-Psychotherapist in private practice working with individuals and groups and as an Associate Lecturer and consultant at Manchester Metropolitan University.

My own numerous attempts at working out what was happening involved training in various modalities including EFT, Reiki and Quantum Touch and many...many personal healing approaches.

I’ve been practising yoga for over 20yrs.



Testimonial: Mantra Transmission Circle

"Hi Shahida, I just want to let you know how amazing and deep my experience was in the circle last night. I really felt a very deep connection and the wave of love and peace I felt was unbelievable. I'm also amazed and so pleased that my sore shoulder is feeling much much better today..thank you so much xxxx I love you xx"

Testimonial: Womens Mantra Circle

"We were both so full of peace, Love and harmony on the way home..."

Testimonial: Women's Mantra Circle and a Fitbit/Blood Pressure

Last night's Women's Mantra Transmission and Meditation Circle was yet again, a deeply moving experience. One of the sisters measured her heart rate on her Fitbit! Below is what she shares this morning...

"Shahida, you exude love, acceptance and compassion as a powerful trio. Together with my sisters the Mantra Meditation had a calming therapeutic effect. After a hectic week, I checked my Fitbit and observed my heartbeat had slowed from 65 to 49 bpm after the first cycle of meditating. I felt at peace. We will meet again soon. Love Philomena, Chester"


Date & Time :28th March 6:30pm-9:30pm

Price : £25






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