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Astral Projection Workshop

This one day workshop will give you all the necessary knowledge and tools you need for accessing your astral body, the Astral Planes, and the answers to your biggest questions about reality. Workshop on the 14th, optional Synchronicity walk on the 13th

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Astral Projection Workshop

Time & Location

Apr 14, 2018, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Kapucia, 27 Lord St, Liverpool L2, UK

About The Event

The Most Advanced Astral Projection Workshop in the World for Beginners…

Whether you’re an absolute beginner at Astral Projection or a more experienced explorer, this one day workshop will give you all the necessary knowledge and tools you need for accessing your astral body, the Astral Planes, and the answers to your biggest questions about reality.

Highlights of this workshop include…

Advanced astral projection training centred around a specific breathing style and mental focus for experiencing deep altered state phenomenal and astral projection activity (the overall training system is designed to increase entrainment between the mind and body; for regulating the electrical flow of energy between the physical body and energy body, to suppress CO2 levels in the blood; a precursor to hypnagogic imagery and dream formation, to stimulate the astral body, and to fully activate the electromagnetic field generated by the energetic heart centre, which will be used as an amplifier to the mental focus)

Wake-Back-to-Bed Astral Projection system, designed for inducing spontaneous out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams while you sleep (includes guided audio tracks you get to keep and take back home with you)

Mind-blowing lecture that will take your understanding of the multidimensional Universe, the ‘Earth-Life-System’ and the ‘Human Experience’ to the leading edge of what’s been discovered by modern day pioneers in the field of out-of-body exploration: revelations about time travel and everyday humans who are time travelers, the uncovering of nonhuman technology that saturates the Earth Plane in a magnetic force designed to adversely affect your perceptions of reality, how the Mandala effect is a sign we're living in a constructed reality (by the end of the workshop, your understanding of reality, will far exceed the combined understanding of more than 99% of people on the planet with the most powerful revelations of the day, taking you to the very heart of human consciousness – and beyond)

Meditation and energy work sessions designed for recalibrating the human nervous system for experiencing astral projection

Workshop Summary

Through a combination of intensive astral projection training, energy work for activating your astral body, and group led exercises and discussions, you will take home all the necessary knowledge and tools needed to have your first conscious astral projection experience within days of leaving the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

Kicking the workshop off to a flying start with a full day of intensive out-of-body and astral projection training, you’ll learn the very latest techniques available, including some cutting edge methods taught exclusively at this workshop (as an added extra – you’ll also learn some simple and easy lucid dreaming techniques, because lucid dreams are the perfect launch pad for inducing out-of-body and astral projection experiences).

Detailed workshop schedule:

Workshop arrival and check-in (9.30am)

Opening talk (10am-10.30am)

Energy work session (10.30am-11.15am)

Break (11.15am-11.30am)

Astral projection training session (11.30am-1pm)

Lunch (1pm-2pm)

Astral projection training session continued (2pm-3pm)

Break (3.15pm-3.30pm)

Astral projection training session continued (4pm-5pm)

If you feel this workshop is for you then read on, and let the workshop facilitator, Todd Acamesis – take you deep down the rabbit hole…

Going Deep Down the Rabbit Hole...

To go even deeper down the rabbit hole, you must unlearn fear, because fear is the single biggest barrier to exploring the depths of reality. My all time favourite way to show people just how deep the rabbit hole goes, is teaching them how to have an out-of-body or astral projection experience – because there’s nothing more empowering than realising first hand that you’re more than your physical body and that you WILL survive physical death! And yes, out-of-body and astral projection experiences are safe, natural, and the essence of Who and What You Really Are…

Hundreds of lifetimes ago, your soul arrived from another system of reality to explore the Earth-Life-System for the purpose of having a 'human' experience. After a period of mentoring and adjustment in the higher planes of consciousness, your soul began the process of building its energy bodies for incarnating into the high frequency physical dimensions of the Astral and the low frequency physical dimensions of the Earth plane and counterpart levels. To build the necessary energy bodies, your soul gathered together energies from each corresponding dimension of reality. Once the process of building its vehicles for exploring the Earth-Life-System was complete, it projected aspects of its consciousness into the energy bodies to begin its human experience.

After 12-years of journeying to and exploring the afterlife environments of the Astral planes, as well as, the higher planes of consciousness, through consciously initiated out-of-body and astral projection experiences, I'll be sharing everthing I've learned about the Multidimensional Universe in this life changing weekend experience, including:

Your first incarnation (why you came here and from where)

The reincarnation process (how it works and what you need to know)

Spirit guides and guardian angels (who's looking after you and why)

The afterlife environments (how they look and feel; this is going to surprise you)

Deceased loved ones (where they live and how to find them)

And much, much more

For many years, I've run life changing events of a multidimensional nature, where people come with their biggest questions about life, the Universe and everything...questions like, "is there life after death?", "why are we here?", "what's the purpose of it all?", "are we alone in the universe or is anyone else out there", and leave with greater clarity and understanding.

I promise to answer as many of your big questions during this workshop too!

Todd's Bio

A consciousness researcher focused on human potential, Todd has been developing self-development tools within altered states for more than two decades. As part of his work, Todd co-founded PandoraStar; a trance inducing light machine that gently guides people into powerful hybrid and transcendental states of consciousness, such as, lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences. Todd is also the creator of 'Synchronicity Walks'; a fun and exciting city centre walking experience, designed around rolling dice and following intuition for having meaningful encounters with “strangers”, being in the right place at the right time to witness the miraculous, discovering realities with realities that lead to delightful surprises, and for encountering magic around every corner.

To learn more about Todd, checkout his YouTube Channel and follow him on Facebook:

Workshop Cost, Availability & Booking

Date: 13th April- Synchronicity Walk, 14th April- Workshop

Time: 10:00-17:00

Location: Kapucia

Ticket price: £65





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